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espe-paradigm-block-kit-photo300Creative uses advanced 3M Paradigm MZ100 media in our Sirona Cerec milling system to achieve a stronger and longer-lasting inlays and onlays.

The Paradigm MZ100 block is also easier to use than porcelain mill blocks because it requires fewer steps which saves time which saves our dentists money and insures a consistent high-quality result. With the Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC, there’s no need to glaze or fire the block, so there’s no need to use a porcelain furnace, and no hydrofluoric acid etch is required.

Excellent Wear: The Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is created from Z100 restorative material, a universal composite material with excellent wear resistance. Due to its thorough cure, the performance of Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is expected to be equal to or better than Z100 restorative material.

The wear rate of Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is similar to that of natural enamel, as demonstrated in several independent studies:

  • espe-paradigm-bodywearFour-year clinical study at the Catholic University of Leuven - Measuring occlusal contact wear, the wear rate of Z100 restorative material in occlusal contact areas was found to be comparable to the occlusal contact wear for enamel on enamel.
  • Seven-year clinical evaluation of 3M™ Z100™ Restorative by THE DENTAL ADVISOR - Rated 82% or more of restorations in posterior teeth as “very good” to “excellent” for resistance to fracture or chipping, marginal integrity, wear resistance, shade match and esthetics.
  • Two-body wear study at the University of Minnesota - Found Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC exhibited less wear than porcelain blocks.

espe-paradigm-flexuralstrengthExceptional Strength: The Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC provides exceptional strength and excellent fracture toughness for outstanding clinical performance and resistance to fracture. Paradigm crowns and bridges are 20-40% stronger than other traditional and indirect composites.

The Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is indicated for use in milling the following indirect restorations:

  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Full crown restorations (anterior and posterior)
  • Veneer restorations

Additional product information from the manufactuer:


Paradigm Brochure


Paradigm Technical
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