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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 00:42

ips-eris-adThe IPS system is comprised of IPS Empress for single units, veneers, inlays/onlays and crowns, and IPS Eris for full coverage crowns and bridges. The IPS Eris framework material is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, which permits the fabrication of bridge restoration for the anterior and premolar regions due to its enhanced stability.

The IPS Eris low-fusing fluorapatite glass-ceramic combines the life-like translucency, brightness and light-scattering capabilities of proven apatite crystal technology with the superior strength of a tried-and-tested pressed lithium disilicate substructure. And, the outstanding chemical compatibility of the dilithium silicate component of the IPS Eris layering ceramic to the lithium disilicate of the underlying framework offers proven, improved clinical performance. The result - beautifully aesthetic restorations combined with the high fracture resistance and flexural strength required for all-ceramic three unit bridges (2nd premolar as most distal abutment, single pontic) as well as single anterior and posterior crowns.


  • Life-like translucency, brightness and light-scattering capabilities of proven apatite crystal technology.
  • Superior strength of a tried-and-tested pressed lithium disilicate substructure.
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility between IPS Eris layering ceramic to underlying framework.
  • Blends perfectly with natural dentition. Individualized characterization.
  • Higher flexural strength, chemical resistance and fracture resistance.
  • Cement with conventional glass-ionomer cements.

Blends Perfectly with Natural Dentition
Apatite crystals (a component of natural teeth) along with individualized characterization enhance the optical qualities of the restoration. Available in a full range of Chromascop and Vita™ 3-D shades supplemented by four ultra-light bleach shades, IPS Eris complements IPS Empress® - still the perfect choice for beautiful inlays, onlays, veneers and anterior crowns.

Superior Performance
IPS Eris pressed frameworks offer exceptional strength due to a Lithium Disilicate crystal content of more than 60% by volume. The frameworks provide higher flexural strength, chemical resistance and fracture resistance than leucite glass-ceramic.

Easy To Incorporate Into Your Practice
IPS Eris employs normal preparation requirements for adequate retention and resistance form. The restorations can be cemented with conventional glass-ionomer cements.

NOTE: Cements with higher expansion rates (e.g., hybrid ionomer cements) must not be used.

The chart below suggests when to use an Eris versus an Empress restoration:


Chairside Preparation:

Shade Selection
Recommended Shade Guides: Ivoclar Chromascop®, Vita Lumin.

General Considerations:

  • All single-unit crowns, inlays, onlays and crowns should have adequate tooth structure to allow for the marginal placement to be at or above the free gingival margin tissues.
  • IPS Empress 2 full coverage crowns and bridges should be prepared so that all margins are at or above the free gingival tissue. If the preparation requires cervical extension, the margin placement should be on sound tooth structure not invading the biological width.
  • Empress 2 framework material should be at least 0.8 mm in thickness for optimal strength.
  • It is necessary to take a stump shade with Empress 2.
  • iris-anteriorcrownprep

Anterior Crown Preparation:

  • Reduce lingual surface 1.5 mm at the area of the centric contact (not less than 1.0 mm) and 0.8 to 1.0 mm along the remaining lingual surface.
  • Incorporate taper of 8 to 10 degrees (never more than 12º)
  • Tooth preparation length should reflect a 1.5 to 2.0 mm occlusal (incisal) reduction.

Anterior 3-Unit Bridge Preparation:

  • iris-3unitbridgeprep

    All teeth considered for use as bridge retainers must provide adequate clinical crown length to allow for preparation to achieve ideal resistance and retention form.
  • The clinical crown length of the retainer tooth next to the edentulous space must be of adequate length to allow for the required occlusal-gingival connector height. These critical connector dimensions are directly related to the occlusal force they are required to function against.
  • In the anterior region, the connector dimensions are to be 4 mm (occlusal-gingival) and 4 mm (buccal-lingual).
  • In the premolar region, connector dimensions are to be 5 mm (occlusal-gingival) and 4 mm (buccal-lingual).

Pontic Span

  • Maximum pontic spans will vary from patient to patient depending on the tooth position, size, condition and arch position of the retainers.
  • Pontic spans should not exceed 9 mm posterior to canine and 11 mm anterior to canine.
  • Measurements for this determinant are made from the unprepared abutment surfaces next to the edentulous space.

Posterior Crown Preparation:

Posterior 3-Unit Bridge Preparation:

Cementation Instructions

General Considerations

  • IPS Empress 2 can be either bonded using established adhesive techniques, or cemented with conventional cements.
  • Bonding with Variolink® II is the method of choice.
  • However, if isolation is a problem or a deep marginal area prevents using adhesive techniques, Ivoclar recommends using ProTec CEM™
Adhesive Technique (Variolink II)

NOTE: Variolink® II is the primary and accepted material of choice for adhesive cementation for ALL restorations fabricated using the IPS Empress 2 system.


  1. All IPS Empress 2 and Empress restorations
  2. Minimal clinical crown length
  3. Margin placement at or above the free gingival margin tissues.

Contraindications: Deep/subgingival margins with difficult environmental control.

Conventional Cementation (Protex CEM):

NOTE: ProTec CEM (or a Hybrid Ionomer cement system having < 0.5% linear expansion) can be used with the conventional technique.


  1. Bridges and full coverage crowns fabricated using IPS Empress 2 material.
  2. Ideal resistance and retention form.
  3. Margins are subgingival.

Contraindications: Inlays, onlays, veneers and single-unit full coverage crowns fabricated using IPS Empress original material.

Downloadble Documentation:

IPS Eris MSDS for E2 Build-up Liquid (PDF) 29.19 Kb

IPS Eris MSDS for E2 Powder (PDF) 29.94 Kb

IPS Eris for E2 Technical Specifications (PDF) 153.44 Kb

IPS Eris Instructions for Use for Dental Technicians (PDF)

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