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Diagnostic Wax-ups

diagwaxCreative was an early pioneer in creating diagnostic wax-ups as a way for patients and dentists to visually inspect and discuss a detailed cosmetic treatment plan before final implementation. Creating the perfect smile is a subjective process, with patients, dentists and labs often collaberating till the ideal result is achieved. At Creative, a diagnostic wax-up is not just a product -- it is a well-defined step-by-step process that has been carefully developed after many years of cosmetic dental laboratory experience.

A diagnostic wax-up process begins with a 2-D blueprint for a dental plan and includes x-rays, the prescription, photos, a color map. For dentists who have computer generated modelling and imaging systems, the blueprint may also incorporate photo-realistic representations and CAD models. From the blueprint, Creative builds a 3-D working wax model that includes impressions, temporaries, models and stents. Each step in the diagnostic process insures excellent communications between patient, dentist and the lab, and insures the best possible outcome.

Start with a Smile Catalog or Database
The first step in the process is to have the patient select their favorite smile from an imaging system or a catalog such as the LVI Smile Catalog. Creative personnel have been trained at the Las Vegas Institute, so we have a great deal of experience developing wax-ups based on the LVI system. However, we also have four different CAD systems in our lab which can incorporate a variety of dental imaging data files.

A Wax-up is also a Tooth Preparation Aid
A Diagnostic Wax-up is a great visual aid to help the dentist understand the tooth reduction requirements, which can cut the preparation appointment time in half. Data and instructions that come with the diagnostic wax-up allow the dentist to plan the contouring in advance.

Temporaries that wil Wow Your Patients
Creative will provide a temporary stent created from the diagnostic wax-up that the dentist can fill with temporary material and place over the prepared teeth to create fully representative temporaries. After the dentist evaluates the temporaries for fit,
the patient can try out the temporaries and evaluate how the new restorations will affect their speech and how the joints and muscles adapt to the new changes.

Final Milling and Veneering
After the wax-up is approved, Creative will create the final product in one of the most advanced dental laboratories in the Southwestern US. Using our CAD/CAM systems, we can create a final product with levels of precisions not previously seen in cosmetic dentistry.

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