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Porcelain-Fused-to-Gold (PFG)
pfg-bridgeMade of gold alloy, these crowns are ideal for the back teeth. Less tooth structure needs to be removed with gold crowns as they wear less easily than ceramic ones. Gold crowns rarely chip and can endure heavy pressure biting and chewing.

The colour remains its main disadvantage making gold crowns the desirable choice for back teeth.

Three variations of gold crowns:

  1. Full gold crowns encase the entire tooth down to the gum line
  2. Gold onlays possess the same strength as the full crown but require less tooth reduction
  3. Gold inlays are gold castings that substitute those areas typically requiring a filling

Five Step Quality Control

  1. Contacts - Models double-poured to check contacts on uncut models.
  2. Occlusions - Models are set to your bite registration checking centric, lateral and protrusive excursions.
  3. Margins - Closed and thinned under microscope to the highest marginal integrity(40 microns or less)
  4. Anatomy - Matched to dentition or text book. The emergence profile will be flat or negative.
  5. Finish - Highly polished to a mirrored surface free of scratches, pits or sharp angles.

Pros and Cons of Gold Dental Crowns

Like anything else, you can expect both advantages and disadvantages to getting gold dental crowns.


  • Simple method because of minimal tooth structure removal
  • More durable in times of heavy pressure such as biting and chewing
  • Easier to fit areas where the tooth and crown meet
  • Healthier environment for gum tissue


  • Cosmetic factor — most people prefer a natural look
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