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Digital Dental 4-Axis Milling

digitaldentalmill-diskOur four-axis milling system is the most technologically advanced and precise dental milling system available, and is capable of creating copings and other restorations with exacting precision.

This system uses industry standard 100mm wax and zirconia disks, and is one of the only machines on the market that can create full-arch restorations.

By using the Digital Dental system, Creative can manufacture up to 25 zirconia units with the push of a single button, which dramatically reduces costs and increases turn-around times for our clients.

Also, the Digital Dental milling machine is an Open System, which allows us to mill using the best materials available (rather than be tied to an OEM's materials). For zirconia, for instance, we use Crystal Zirconia, which is the strongest and most translucent zirconia avaialable, and the only zirconia material manufacturered in the USA. To explore more, visit the following links:

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