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Microwave Sintering of Zirconia

sintering-stronger-faster-350wCreative Dental Laboratories was one of the first labs in the US to use microwave sintering for Zirconia copings, which not only cuts sintering time down to a fraction of the time typically required by kiln sintering, but also produces a better result using less electricity. This results in significant increases in turn-around and decreases of costs for our clients.

Creative uses the MicroSinterWave line of sintering ovens, including the air-cooled 16XX series ovens and the industrial capacity water-cooled 2550 model. These ovens do in just a few minutes what most labs take many hours to do. In the future, all dental labs will no-doubt be using microwave sintering, but Creative has always been a pioneer in employing new technologies to speed and improve the dental process.

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