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allteethCreative Dental Laboratory offers the most advanced and competitive dental laboratory services in the Southwestern United States. Below are short summaries about each of the major dental products and services that we offer. Where additional information is available, either click on the links in the article or click on the READ MORE button.

Valplast Flexible Partials
valplast-partialToday dentists are prescribing flexible material for removable partial dentures (RPDs) because it makes a better, stronger appliance faster. Flexible material reduces chair time, eliminates invasive procedures and the cumbersome materials associated with rigid partials. In short, there is no longer any need for metal.

Metal-based RPD design is complex because it has to adapt rigid materials to a flexible environment. This leaves room for error particularly under conditions where ideal designs and clinical preparations are challenged.

In contrast, the material in flexible partials is perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth. It simplifies the design and enables the RPD itself to balance the simultaneous requirements of retention, support and stability.

Ivoclar IPS Empress


Creative Dental has nearly 15 years of experience creating Empress all-porcelain crowns, going back to when the processes and materials were first invented. During the past 15 years, Creative has upgraded our equipment and has adopted new materials and remains on the leading edge, including new stronger .

IPS Empress crowns are made of leucite ceramic which scatters light similar to natural tooth enamel and blends in well with other teeth. Restorations fabricated with the Empress have a lifelike translucent quality to them. These highly aesthetic all-ceramic single tooth restorations, such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers blend in seamlessly with the surrounding dentition.

Because of their lower fracture strength (160 MPa), Creative recommends Empress crowns only for un-stressed anterior teeth. For anterior bridges and for teeth that may experience higher level of wear, Creative recommends translucent zirconia copings.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Gold (PFG)
pfg-bridgeMade of gold alloy, these crowns are ideal for the back teeth. Less tooth structure needs to be removed with gold crowns as they wear less easily than ceramic ones. Gold crowns rarely chip and can endure heavy pressure biting and chewing.

The colour remains its main disadvantage making gold crowns the desirable choice for back teeth.

Three variations of gold crowns:

  1. Full gold crowns encase the entire tooth down to the gum line
  2. Gold onlays possess the same strength as the full crown but require less tooth reduction
  3. Gold inlays are gold castings that substitute those areas typically requiring a filling
Ivoclar IPS Eris Bridges

ips-eris-adThe IPS system is comprised of IPS Empress for single units, veneers, inlays/onlays and crowns, and IPS Eris for full coverage crowns and bridges. The IPS Eris framework material is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, which permits the fabrication of bridge restoration for the anterior and premolar regions due to its enhanced stability.

The IPS Eris low-fusing fluorapatite glass-ceramic combines the life-like translucency, brightness and light-scattering capabilities of proven apatite crystal technology with the superior strength of a tried-and-tested pressed lithium disilicate substructure. And, the outstanding chemical compatibility of the dilithium silicate component of the IPS Eris layering ceramic to the lithium disilicate of the underlying framework offers proven, improved clinical performance. The result - beautifully aesthetic restorations combined with the high fracture resistance and flexural strength required for all-ceramic three unit bridges (2nd premolar as most distal abutment, single pontic) as well as single anterior and posterior crowns.

Crystal Zirconia Restorations

crystal300Creative Dental is proud to offer Crystal Zirconia crowns and bridges. The ultimate in restorative cosmetic dentistry, Crystal is the STRONGEST and MOST TRANSLUCENT zirconia product made and is available any size, including single full arch restorations.

Crystal copings are more than five times stronger than Empress crowns, and we stand behind the product with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against breakage. Also, because they can be seated using traditional cemetation, Crystal Zirconia restorations significantly reduce dentist time and patient discomfort.

Diagnostic Wax-ups

diagwaxCreative was an early pioneer in creating diagnostic wax-ups as a way for patients and dentists to visually inspect and discuss a detailed cosmetic treatment plan before final implementation. Creating the perfect smile is a subjective process, with patients, dentists and labs often collaberating till the ideal result is achieved. At Creative, a diagnostic wax-up is not just a product -- it is a well-defined step-by-step process that has been carefully developed after many years of cosmetic dental laboratory experience.

A diagnostic wax-up process begins with a 2-D blueprint for a dental plan and includes x-rays, the prescription, photos, a color map. For dentists who have computer generated modelling and imaging systems, the blueprint may also incorporate photo-realistic representations and CAD models. From the blueprint, Creative builds a 3-D working wax model that includes impressions, temporaries, models and stents. Each step in the diagnostic process insures excellent communications between patient, dentist and the lab, and insures the best possible outcome.

Ivocap Dentures and Partials

sr-ivocapThe SR Ivocap System produces highly accurate methyl methacrylate-based dentures. After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base material flows consistently, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated.


  • No increase in vertical dimension
  • Homogeneous denture base
  • Optimally coordinated components
3M Paradigm Inlays / Onlays

espe-paradigm-block-kit-photo300Creative uses advanced 3M Paradigm MZ100 media in our Sirona Cerec milling system to achieve a stronger and longer-lasting inlays and onlays.

The Paradigm MZ100 block is also easier to use than porcelain mill blocks because it requires fewer steps which saves time which saves our dentists money and insures a consistent high-quality result. With the Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC, there’s no need to glaze or fire the block, so there’s no need to use a porcelain furnace, and no hydrofluoric acid etch is required.

Excellent Wear: The Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is created from Z100 restorative material, a universal composite material with excellent wear resistance. Due to its thorough cure, the performance of Paradigm MZ100 block for CEREC is expected to be equal to or better than Z100 restorative material.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)
pfm-crownsPorcelain-fused-to-metal crowns look like natural teeth and are stronger than ceramic crowns. PFM crowns can be matched to your natural teeth so they provide an attractive appearance. However, the porcelain portion can be chipped off and the underlying metal can peer through as a dark line. Stronger than all-porcelain crowns, PFM crowns also wear down, and can show more of the dark line as the gum recedes.

Esthetic: Porcelain fused to metal crowns remain one of dentistry's primary restorations of choice because, when properly constructed and seated, they are strong, reliable and esthetic. The porcelains used at our lab incorporate optical properties that parallel natural tooth structure resulting in superior esthetics.

Function: From single units to roundhouse bridges, porcelain fused to metal has the versatility for the job. Plus, the very fine leucite crystals in our porcelains result in a combination of high wear resistance and forgiveness to surrounding dentition. Our dedicated team of technicians use their skills in the blending of today’s materials to create highly esthetic, yet functional restorations.

IPS e.max CAD

ips-emaxThe new all-ceramic system IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technology. The system is versatile and economical.

The highlights

  • Easier access to the system with maximum versatility provided by a modular system
  • Highly aesthetic and high-strength materials can be combined
  • One layering ceramic for glass- and zirconium oxide
  • Predictable shade results and same clinical behaviour even with different restorations veneered with IPS e.max Ceram
  • Adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional cementation

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